New To Blogging? Blogging Quick Start Up Guide

starting your first blogIf you are serious about blogging and want to make money online with blogging, it is essential that you know how to get started.

I am writing this blog post for one reason and one reason only. I want to give every new blogger I can an advantage that I did not have when I first started by showing you step by step  how to get your first blog up and running.

There is a lot more to learn after this, but let this be one very important step that you will not have to struggle with.


Step 1 – Choose your niche

You need to decide what you are blogging about? You niche, your passion, something you can teach others about.

Here are the top 5 niche catagories:





Entertainment / recreation

Profitable niches are usually those in which people are looking for help. Like how-to guides, help solving a problem, or reviews. Examples include how to improve your golf swing, how to cure acne, engine rebuild guide, or magic of making up guide.

Once you have your niche or topic (I.E. Gardening, golf, get your ex back, make money online, weight loss, etc.), head over to Google external keyword tool to find some targeted keywords.

Here’s what it looks like:

google keyword tool

Just type your topic in where is says “keyword or phrase”, type the captcha image in and click search to see instant results. These results will tell you exactly what people are searching for in Google. Look through the results to find a keyword phrase with 3 or 4 words (long tailed keyword), and global monthly searches of at least 100,000.

(Note: The Competition rating is not very accurate)

For a more accurate reading of your competition:

Take note of a few that you find interesting and head over to Google to do about 2-3 minutes of research.

In the search bar, type:

allinurl: “your keyword phrase”

allintitle: “your keyword phrase”

This will tell you the amount of sites indexed in Google that have your niche keywords in their titles and in their url’s. These are 2 important tags for on page SEO and will give you a pretty good idea of your real competition for that exact keyword phrase. If you can find a few keywords or keyword phrases that have 100,000 or less competition, you may be able to rank your blog on the first page for those over time, so keep ahold of them if you can find them, but don’t be too concerned about it at this point.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t be to worried about search engine competition at this point in the game. It’s just good to have about 10 good relevant keywords to include throughout your blog posts.

Step 2 – Purchase your domain name

Go over to the GoDaddy bulk registration tool to find your domain name. If you have one in mind already, enter it to see if it’s available. If it is, great! Domain names cost from $3 – $12 per year depending on if it’s a .com, .org, .biz, etc.

If it is not available, that’s ok. Try domain names with hyphens in between. For example: or add a word in front or behind the phrase… instead of try

If you don’t know what you want your domain name to be yet:

You can use the Godaddy bulk registration tool to get some ideas of whats available. Just put some of the related keywords or phrases you have in and click go to see whats available. You can even add your name to the front or back of your keyword like this:    or

Play around with it until you find one you like. There are no right or wrong domain names. Just be creative and find one that suits your taste.

Once you find a suitable domain, buy it. Don’t add anything extra, don’t purchase hosting through godaddy, just continue to checkout and you now have your domain name for your blog.

Note: Save the welcome e-mail you receive from them as well as any others. You will need them.

Step 3 – Website Hosting

Now, lets head over to Host Gator and get your site live on the internet.

Host Gator is the hosting I use, primarily because you can host unlimited domains for less than $10 per month, their customer service is excellent, the control panel is extremely user friendly, and I have had zero down time so far.

So, choose the Baby plan for the best price.

Be sure to save any e-mail correspondence from Host Gator. They contain important information that you will need later.

You should receive an e-mail titled your account info.

Open it up. Inside, you will need to locate the 1st nameserver and 2nd nameserver.

Now, go back to your GoDaddy account and choose My Account, then click on account summary below. Scroll down until you see “MyDomains”. Click on the appropriate domain name to change settings.

Now click on the nameservers button and select set nameservers. This is where you will need to change the 1st and 2nd nameserver to that which are found in your Host Gator account info e-mail.

Once you do this, click OK and you are set. It can take up to 72 hours for your site to be live, but it can take as little as 1 hour as well.

In the meanwhile, you can set up Word Press.

Step 4 – Install Word Press

Log in to your Host Gator control panel using the login information provided in the e-mail they sent you.

Scroll down until you see Fantastico De Luxe and click on it.

Now select on WordPress on the left hand side panel, then click on New Installation

Now you can use the drop down menu to choose the domain name in which you would like to install WordPress on. (if your domain name is not present, that means you will need to wait for the domain name transfer to be complete. Not to worry, just check back later. It can take up to 72 hours.)

Now scroll down and find the box next to username and enter the username you would like to use to log in to your WordPress control panel. (Make sure you choose your username wisely as it can never be changed!)

Next, enter a strong password that you will remember below the username.

Below that enter a nickname in which will show up when you enter your WordPress control panel.

Enter an e-mail address where you can be contacted, the name of your site, and a short description if you wish.

Now, review all of the information and click Install WordPress.

After installation is complete, enter your email address and click send e-mail to have the installation details sent to you for future reference. This includes the URL to access your WordPress control panel.

Copy the URL and enter it into your address bar to get to your WordPress login screen. Enter you username and password to gain access.

Now click on post to write your first post!

There is a lot in WordPress to discover. That is for a later post, however. I will be making videos to walk you through this process later, so check back.

If you get stuck or have any questions, leave me a comment below and I will help you as much as I can.

Hope this helped,

~Jeremy Ruggles

Shine A Spotlight On Your Blog With Blog Engage

I have been involved with blog engage for the past month and a half because I won a free basic membership with them and thought I’d give it a try to see what they had to offer.

The basic membership allowed me to post my blog posts to their site and share with thousands, I’m guessing, of other members. Well, they have a gold member ship that normally costs $19.99 per month and includes RSS syndication, which means they will feature all your blog posts on their site giving you exposure and backlinks from a PR4 site.

I still am looking for inexpensive ways to get traffic to my blog, as I’m sure we all are…

Well, this has to be the best offer I’ve seen in a long time….

A special offer was just announced at Blog Engage!

They are offering their gold membership for only $4.99 per month and are including RSS syndication to all 7 of their social media sites. In fact, the standard membership is still $9.99 per month… :)

Your articles will be shared on their twitter feed and on their Facebook fanpage as well… Which means your blog posts will be seen by a TON of real people who are interested in what you have to say.

I saw this offer and jumped on it. I signed up just moments ago after talking to the website owner himself, Brian. He’s a very personable guy who takes the time to chat with you from time to time.

Anyway, I really wanted to share this awesome opportunity with you to get your blog seen and get some great backlinks at the same time.

So,  with Blog Engage you will see an increase in traffic, an SEO boost, and maybe even more income from your blog if you have optimized it.

This offer from Blog Engage is only good until the end of the month!

Then it goes back to it’s normal $19.99 per month. Which, by the way, there are over 150 people using this service and have been paying $19.99 and are very happy with the results.

I just checked, and see that my blog is features on Facebook and Twitter already…. pretty cool… you can check it out here:

Blog engage on facebook

Blog engage on Twitter



I invite you to join me in getting your blog seen on the internet with Blog Engage, a place where you can engage with other bloggers.


Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage, Build Backlinks, Increase SERP and SEO

My First Interview Over Skype – Learn With Me

skype interviewOver the past few months I have really come a long way as far as blogging is concerned. I have gotten to know a lot of great people, each of which are at different levels in their business, and each who have different skills and experiences to offer.

That really is the point of blogging, right? Learn from others, grow your business, and help others along the way?

Well, since starting my blog the beginning of the year, I have been lucky enough to do all those things. I have learned from others, I have been applying what I am learning, and I am helping others out when I feel that I have the ability to do so.



My next step – Creating an interview over Skype


One blogger that really has helped me out these past few months is  Barry Wells. Since I’ve met him, he has helped me create my first videos with his video blog challenge. He has helped me with quite a few technical issues on my blog, and he has introduced me to conducting interviews over Skype.

So, a lot has happened since I met Barry, and I owe my blogging success so far to him and my Mentor Kerry Russell who taught me how to get my blog up in the first place.

I thought it only appropriate that my first interview should be with Barry who has taught me a lot and has a lot more to teach, I’m sure.

In attempt to help as many fellow bloggers out as possible, I decided it would be best to make a recording with answers to the top 10 questions you are having from Barry.

What questions would you ask Barry Wells if you could?

Here’s your chance, I need your help…..

I want the interview to be as helpful as possible…

What questions do you have?

I need 10 good questions that can really benefit bloggers and internet marketers of any level…

So, if you have a question that you would really like to ask, leave a comment below. I will post the questions I will be asking once he approves them before the interview takes place.

I will be using Audacity to record the interview on Skype. It is a free audio recording software that I have heard good things about, but have not used yet. So, I’ll post a review of my experiences using Audacity once the interview is complete.

If you have never met Barry Wells, you can visit his blog here:

Please leave your questions below, I appreciate everyone reading this post!

The completed interview will be made available shortly after its completion.


Talk soon,


~Jeremy Ruggles

Affiliate Marketing vs. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) – What is the difference?

make money online with affiliate marketing

I recently shared the idea of internet marketing to some friends that I haven’t talked to for quite some time.

I was rather surprised as to how they reacted. I was  simply sharing what I was doing with them and inviting them to join in. Their initial reaction was fairly normal… They told me they would look into it and get back to me to tell me what they thought.

I had given them a few links showing them more about internet marketing and what it is all about. The next day, their reactions were much different. They had never even heard of internet marketing or affiliate marketing and had the mindset that affiliate marketing was the same as multi level marketing.

I was warned to not waste my time or money with this because it is all a scam. They basically thought that I would be making others money while making small commissions myself and eventually lose out on the deal as would a person involved in a pyramid scheme or what is now called multi-level marketing….

I’m not going to judge MLM’s, but there sure have been a lot of scams associated with them in the past…


If you are new to internet marketing and affiliate

marketing here’s what you need to know…

Affiliate marketing is the fastest and easiest way to make money online

Affiliate marketing often pays 50% – 75% commissions and sometimes even higher

You arr not in a downline with affiliate marketing as you would be in MLM

Internet marketing is the easiest way to make affiliate sales and commissions without ever having to talk to anyone.

You can make affiliate commissions while you sleep with affiliate marketing

You are not restricted to just one affiliate and most of them provide you with a wide variety of useful tools to promote them.

Internet marketing and affiliate marketing are both business opportunities. You are building a business that has a potential to make you money, and a lot of it, for a very long time.

There is absolutely no pressure to sell with affiliate marketing. you can literally sit in bed (as I am now) and promote your affiliates products and services.


What Affiliate Marketing Is NOT

  • It is not a scam. (There are get rich quick schemes everywhere, the internet is not exempt. But, internet marketing and affiliate marketing themselves are not scams.)
  • It is not a way to get rich overnight. (It could happen, but highly unlikely.)
  • It is not easy to master. (Time and dedication are required.)
  • It is not so easy a 2 year old can do it. (I have actually seen claims that a 2 year old can do it. Maybe if they had an abnormally high IQ and were shown exactly what to do by an internet marketing expert.)
  • It is not to difficult for a high school dropout to succeed.
  • It is not a consistent business model. (Google changes quite often in an attempt to prevent spammers from being ranked in their search engine. Google is #1 for website traffic, so it’s important to stay up to date on whats going on. It is good to have more than on venture going on to ensure that you will continue to have steady income.) I think the saying is: “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

So, how do you get started with Affiliate marketing?

There are a lot of ways to get started, there are a lot of strategies, and things change quite often. The basics are all the same though. First things first, you need a website… there are ways to get around having a website, but Google is really looking down on these methods.

Here’s a free professionally built affiliate review website complete with free training on how to use this site to make affiliate commissions.

I could explain everything step by step to get started with affiliate marketing, but an internet marketing millionaire already did all the leg work to put his together for anyone new to affiliate marketing and is offering it free of charge… no catch, no strings attached…

In fact, I am using this free site myself as a second venture and am really liking what it is all about.


Other free ways to get started are by using:



Hub Pages

These are all free platforms that I have personally used in the past. You will need some training to use them properly.


One more way to get started is to put your own blog up.

You can purchase a domain name for $7 through Godaddy


Pay $10 per month for hosting through Host Gator.

This is who I use and exactly what I pay. The good thing about host gator is that you can add unlimited domain names to your hosting account at no additional cost which will come in handy when you expand your business.

The next thing you’ll want to do is to install WP which is free to use and very user friendly.

I’ll make a video here shortly to walk you through all the step involved. Look for that in the next week.

That’s all I have for you now…. I hope it was helpful.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas… PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!

And please do not confuse MLM with affiliate marketing… :)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog,

~Jeremy Ruggles

Dot Com Secrets X 30 Day Challenge – Update

Since I started the Dot Com Secrets 30 day challenge, I have seen some great things happen. I have been following Russell Brunson’s training and my list has increased at the same time I am starting to see some affiliate commissions.

I’m excited to show you my results so far…


If you have not done so yet, take a minute or two to watch the free video from Russell Brunson to learn more about what this is all about. I understand that there is always a lot of hype around this kind of thing and it really is difficult to know if anything is legitimate or not…

That’s why the 30 day challenge is $1 for 30 days… If you make a couple hundred dollars or more and build a decent list in the first 30 days, you will probably want to continue on with the training and pay full price for it. If not, you spent $1 to learn some really great internet marketing advice from a successful internet millionaire.

Some of you have joined DCSX 30 day challenge already….

Please share your results!!

I love to hear success stories from others… lets shre our successes and together help each other succeed!!


As an added bonus for anyone who joins, I am putting together a support group for like minded individuals who wish to help each other succeed in the 30 day challenge. If you join DCSX 30 day challenge, you are invited to join our support group which can help keep you motivated as well as help you out if you ever get stuck.


Hope to see you join us!

Don’t be shy…

Leave a comment and let me know what you think…. =)

Get A Free Incoming Do Follow Link To Your Blog Here

do follow back links - comment luvThe idea of blogging, at least my interpretation of it, is not only to worry about myself and my web property, but to provide value to other, like minded individuals as well.

So, I treat each and every visitor as a friend and I value your input.

I want to hear what you have to say and get to know you all a little better. What made you come here in the first place? Did you find what you were looking for?

If not, tell me what you are looking for….. leave me a comment…

My goal here is to learn as much as possible about internet marketing and to help as many people starting out in internet marking as I can to succeed online as well.

How To Increase Comments On Your Blog

With that said, here is a plugin that I use to reward anyone who leaves a comment by giving them a backlink a specific post in their blog just for commenting. Now, this is a free plug in and I would suggest adding it to your blog to give everyone an incentive to participate in your blog.

Here’s the plugin –> Comment Luv

Important: Not only do you need comment luv to truly reward your commentors, but you need to remove the default “no follow” attribute associated with most Word Press themes.

You can do this easily with another plugin: Do Follow Plugin

Again, here are the two free plugin’s needed to make this work:

Comment Luv

Do Follow

*You can also just search for them in the WP admin area if you wish

Now, comments are great to have on your blog. They help you get to know your visitors, and allow them to get to know you too. If your blog is active and people are talking, more visitors will be encouraged to take part and Google likes to see active blogs.

I highly recommend interacting with all of your commentors by, at least responding to comments. I always respond to everyone and even go visit your linked blog post and leave my comment in return. I would recommend doing the same for your blog.

Obviously, comments on your blog are not all you need.

It is great to have incoming, do follow links coming into your blog as well. So, the easiest way  I have found to do this is to take advantage of other blogs who offer Comment Luv. Basically, read some blogs posts and leave a meaningful comment at the end and link back to your blog post.

Sounds simple, right?


There are a couple of problems I ran into starting out:

1)Finding blogs that offer comment luv.

2) Leaving comments that are not spammy.

So, here is a list of internet marketing blogs full of great content that offer Comment Luv:

*This is a list just to get you started. To find more, I would suggest clicking on other commentors links to visit their blogs. Many you will find to have comment luv installed.


Now, in regard to the comment itself…

As for actually commenting, if you are new to it. Make sure your comment is more than a sentence or two.

Don’t be general… for example: “good post, I liked what you said, thanks.” or “I agree with you and liked what you wrote. I will be back for more.”

Although these types of comments may be genuine, spam filters will pick them up and your comment may never be approved.

So add some substance to it, talk to the author, learn their name… Now, use their name; and reference to something specific within the post. For example:

“Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for sharing this list of comment luv blogs. I will be visiting them all and leaving great comments to help add to the value of the content and to hopefully get to know more like minded marketers. Please add my blog to your comment luv list as I am adding comment luv to my site right now.

By the way, I think it is a good idea to comment on other blogs also, even if they don’t have comment luv. What do you think?

Thank you,



Doesn’t that sound a little better? More engaging?

See what I did toward the end?…. I added my own opinion and asked a question. That is not always necessary, but it will envoke a reply and add value to  the conversation. This will likely lead to not only a reply, but to other readers following the link to your blog.



Do you use Comment Luv?

If you would like to be added to my comment luv list, leave me a comment requesting so. If your blog has comment luv and do follow and has useful content, I will add it ASAP.

My Comment Luv list is a work in progress and will be updated weekly.

Do you agree with my interpretation of blogging?

I would love to hear your opinions on this topic… and would love to meet you!

If you are new to this whole thing, leave me a comment and let me give you a hand getting started!

How To Not Succeed Online! How You Can Easily Fail With Internet Marketing…

Don't be a Make money online failure

As you begin your online journey in internet marketing and you aspire to make money online, you will notice that everyone seems to want to tell you how you can succeed. This is GREAT!….. right?…. or is it?

The internet is just as straight forward as the real world. There are people out there who wish to genuinely help you out and there are people who wish to screw you over. It can be more difficult to determine who is who since you don’t actually look people face to face or even hear their voice, and when you do, it seems like they are trying to sell you something….


It is EASY to FAIL in internet marketing!


Don’t be discouraged…. I say it because it is true!


Here’s why so many people will fail to make money online:



Information overload -

Whether you are new to internet marketing or you have been around for awhile, you should have noticed how easy it is to be bombarded with information from all angles. Everyone has the answer you are looking for… each person offers to help you for free…. Before you know it your mailbox is overloaded and you are wasting hours reading and researching, but never applying what you learn……


Because you are learning too many different things at once…. Usually only parts of different ways to make money online…. I spend 6 months learning without taking any action, then another 3 or 4 taking action, but never completing an entire process…. no money is ever made this way!!

Most people try too hard -

One thing I have learned over the years is that the less you try to sell or to make money, the easier it is to do so. WHAT?! That makes no sense….. I guess you could just sit around and play games or cruise Facebook and never put any effort into making money online…. you would obviously not make any.

But, when you try so hard to set up your first perfect sales funnel and a sales letter and then write a sales copy in articles and tell everyone what wonderful product you are selling….. you can expect to see people avoiding you online more and more…. People don’t want to be sold to…. people want to be treated like people…

Instead of selling to people, try offering some free advice, free information, or just some goo conversation. When people get to know you, they will be more willing to buy a product that you suggest because they know it is valuable and not some junk you are just selling.

Lack of training -

Some people get lucky… they start out on their own and find a way to start making money online with no training and maybe copy the right persons ideas… Most of us aren’t that lucky. You can waste years and a lot of money trying to learn internet marketing all on your own.

Even then, you could still fail…. Determination alone is not going to make you succeed!

I’m sure you are bombarded with systems and programs and training  offers…. There are a lot of good ones… and…. there are some that suck and are a waste of money all together….

My suggestion: Never pay more than $1 for a training program until you know it works!!! I know what you’re thinking…. How do I know it will work unless I pay for it?

The best training programs I have ever seen have a 30 day free trial offer or $1 trial offer. They are so good that you should be making money by the end of the first 30 days and will want to pay the regular price to continue with the training. If not, walk away and you lost nothing… Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

I have made more progress with free and $1 trial programs than anything else….. It may be that we are just used to getting what we pay for…. after all, you are not going to expect to get much from something you get from the dollar store, right??

Look at this from the trainers eyes…. If he or she helps you to succeed online in the trial period, you are going to pay full price to continue the training…. if the trainer fails to give you what you need to succeed, then you are gone…. They are going to do everything they can to help you succeed if they want to keep you onboard…. Your dollar means nothing to them….

Bottom line, if you want to fail, then DO NOT seek training from someone who has been successful online.

Lack of Organization and Dedication -

A great way to fail is to not set aside time every day to work on your business. It can even better help you to fail if you randomly complete tasks and keep no record of what you are doing or what you should do next. I know this as fact because I have failed miserably using these very techniques…. They are easy to implement and require no change on your part…. the best part is…… you make absolutely no money in the process.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Ok…… I know it is hard to get organized and to dedicate yourself to anything… your life is probably very busy like mine…. and it may seem impossible to stay focused and dedicated to your online business…. Even if you have to go to a coffee shop for a few hours a day to get some peace and quiet….. do what you have to if this is important to you!!!

I am writing this post right now from inside a coffee shop where I have to go to be able to concentrate on my blog. So, I know your frustrations… I have been there, I have fought with my wife, I have felt like giving up, I almost got a divorce at one point…. Don’t let that happen…. Schedule a few hours to get away if you cannot find a quiet place at home to work.

Keep a daily log of your accomplishments and what need to be completed the next day to keep yourself on track…. This will save you a ton of time!


Understand Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is not one thing that can be easily defined. It is many things, just as “marketing” is in the real world…. The best plan of action is to learn one system or strategy, make some money with it, then move on to learn new things. Otherwise you will get stuck in a vicious learning cycle where you may only see failure.


Here are my favorite free and $1 for 30 day training programs:

Recommended Action: dedicate yourself to the training program for 30 days and continue if it is profitable.

Dot Com Secrets X – $1 for 30 day training from an internet multi-millionaire – Free Video

Millionaire Society – Free 30 day trail to a complete internet marketing training course – Free Video

Wealthy Affiliate - Free Internet Wealth Crash Course

* I have taken part in each of these 3 programs and highly recommend what they have to offer.


Next, it’s really up to you…. My promise to you is to constantly provide you with all the support, tips, and advice I can to help you succeed and to overcome some of the hurdles I personally faced, but without having to do it on your own.

Don’t you wish sometimes that you had someone who you could go to when you have a question or when you get stuck? I can be that person….. I don’t have all the answers….. But, I know enough knowledgeable people that I can answer most of your questions fairly quickly…..

So, now that you know how to fail….. Go and succeed online!


Submit Your Artices The Easy Way

Article marketing is a very power form of marketing as you may know. I has direct traffic benefits as well a long term SEO benefits. It can be a daunting task to create articles and submit them to article directories on top of all the other daily tasks already required of you.

There has to be an easier way!

There is! Ezine Article has their own Word Press Plugin that allows you to post directly from your dashboard and even use existing blog posts to submit directly to the article directory with the click of a button.

I was a bit weary of this idea at first only because I am deathly afraid  to deliver any kind of duplicate content anywhere online. I know how much Google hates that. But, I also know how much they love ezine articles and how much they trust ezine articles.

So, after a little research, I have decided to install and use this plugin to see what it’s all about. I like what I see and what I hear from other users. So, i think we have a winner.

I made a video showing you how to get started with the ezine articles Word Press plugin.


I hope you take full advantage of article marketing. There is true power in it, especially combined with other SEO and marketing tactics already in place.

Now, I really do try to limit my plugins to ensure maximum site performance. but some plugins are just good enough to make me feel as though I must have them. I feel this way about the ezine articles plugin.


I am interested in hearing what you have to say about the ezine article plugin and about article marketing in general.

What do you think about this plug in?

Do you have a different plugin that you use?

What are your experiences with article marketing?


Don’t be shy…..

Don’t be afraid to leave your comment below. :-)


Talk to you soon,



Getting Noticed In The Social Networks

Social media is good for traffic, SEO, and all around marketing. Therefore, it should be a part of everyone’s marketing efforts. I mean, you put Facebook like buttons on your blog, right? Twitter retweet buttons? Google +1 buttons?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get very many Facebook likes or Retweets. Even if someone likes what they read, they won’t always like it or tweet it. There are other options to leverage the power of social media.

Some people pay for Tweets or Likes. Not I…..

I made a video showing you a free method that I use.


I encourage you to join me in getting free likes, retweets, Google +1′s, etc.

Here’s a direct link to the site: Social Media Explode

I just found this referral link. I’m not sure, but I think if you join through my link I get some bonus coins.

So, if you decide to sign up, please use my link above.

Remember, I put all of my videos in my video archive

You can also see them all at Barry Well’s video challenge.

Dot Com Secrets X 30 Day Challenge Review

I recently joined Dot Com Secrets X 30 Day Challenge and wanted to share what it’s all about with you. If you have not yet made any money online or are struggling with internet marketing, then this is a great place to start out.

How much does Dot Com Secrets X cost?       $1 donation to charity

If you can afford $1 and can dedicate an hour to 2 hours a day for the next 30 days, then you have absolutely nothing to lose. Dot Com Secrets X is offered by a Multi-Millionaire in internet marketing named Russell Brunson. He created a very easy to follow training system that is designed to help you make money fast and then shows you how to keep that money coming in and build on it.

Here’s a free video from Russell that explains everything: DCSX Review

I made a short video telling you a little bit about what it’s all about:



Join Dot Com Secrets X 30 Day Challenge

As you can see, I am a beginner in internet marketing just like many of you. If you already have a list built, then you are going to be ahead of the game here and can really do some damage.


Anyway, I encourage you all to join me in my online success. I will continue posting videos as I progress through this training program and show you my successes. Join me now, and when you start seeing success, leave me a comment and I will feature you in a blog post.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in the Dot Com Secrets X 30 Day Challenge soon!