My First JV Giveaway- Already Building My List After Only 24 Hours From Launch

Hey everyone,
list building event

I just wanted to give you all a quick update as to how list building with the Ultimate Social Media Giveaway is going. I joined as a contributor in this event as a way to begin building my first list. Well, the event launched this morning and I have my first 10 subscribers at the end of the day. Not bad considering my free gifts are located on page 19 or farther of the 40+ page of products. If I had upgraded my account or been able to promote it better, I’m sure my results would be more dramatic.


List building on Auto-Pilot?

Yes, it is possible to gain targeted subscribers to you list on auto pilot. It takes a little work to prepare your gift and get your opt in pages set up, But, once you are all set up, you can just sit back and watch your list grow. You can’t lose, really. The events are free to join and you will see results from your minimal efforts.


What Makes Me a List Building Pro?

Well… right now… absolutely nothing! This is my first list, and luckily I am working closely under the guidance of my coach, Kerry Russell who has seen great success from running these type of events. In fact she is one of the people running the Ultimate Social Media Giveaway. I hope to one day be an expert in this field, but for now, you can learn with me as I learn.


Do you have a List?

If you have already built a list, what techniques have you used to begin building your first list? Please share with us your list building experiences… successes…. failures…. My goal here is to figure out which list building efforts are worthwhile and which are a waste of time and effort. Like anything, there are many ways do build a list, but some are just more effective than others.


I will keep you updated as this event goes on. It has only been running for a single day, so most people haven’t made it there yet. I expect to see some great results from my first giveaway event.

If you are interested in joining an event like this, unfortunately the Ultimate JV Giveaway is closed to contributors, there is one that starts here soon called the Ninja Giveaway that is open to join for free. I just joined and submitted my free gift yesterday.



Sign-up Here:
Ninja Giveaway


Check it out and let me know what you think. If you need any help getting started, drop me a line in the comments box below. I am online everyday and am here to help where I can.

If you would like to share your list building experiences, please do. I think that everyone can benefit from what you have to say… including me… =0)

I believe that list building should be fun, just like any other aspect of internet marketing. So lets learn and grow together!


Happy list building,


~Jeremy Ruggles

My goal is to create a community of like minded internet marketers new and experienced that we may help each other succeed. Join the conversation by commenting below and join us! I'm Jeremy Ruggles and I am here to succeed online and take as many people with me as possible along the way.

6 Responses to “My First JV Giveaway- Already Building My List After Only 24 Hours From Launch”

  1. Congrats, Jeremy on your first few subscribers!

    This is exactly how I started, too!

    My gift is on page 23 of the Social Media Giveaway (or it was last I It’s definitely a good way to start. Just keep joining more of them, I actually join most of them – ha! And then just hope they all stick. Some people will only join because they want something for free and they unsubscribe, but hopefully they took some knowledge away from you and maybe the links within your gifts can gain you a sale or two. You just never know.

    Keep up the good work, Jeremy and have fun grabbing those freebies as well :)

    Linda recently posted..Enter Barry Well’s Video Challenge – Feb 29 – March 29My Profile


    JeremyNo Gravatar Reply:

    Hi Linda,

    My gift was listed on page 19 last I looked. It’s probably been moved farther since I only have 3 people referred… =) I haven’t checked my sales count yet… I think I will do that now. But, yeah I hope my list is full of people who are serious about making money online and not just people looking for free info just to unsubscribe.

    It can be difficult for a person to know who to listen to and who is just trying to sell then crap anymore with all of the spammers and “Guru’s” out there who have no regard for others. My ultimate goal is to be able to help people out as I continue to build my business. I know what it’s like to start out as you probably do.

    Thanks for visiting, Linda! I know you are one of those people who really cares and I’m glad to have you as part of my trusted circle.

    Take care,



  2. Hi Jeremy

    Firstly thank you for recently visiting my blog your comment and input was very welcome.

    This is my first visit to your blog and my apologies for taking so long to get here! ;)

    I must admit Jeremy Giveaway Events is something I have still to venture into, however last year I did invest in Keith Purkiss’s Push Button Giveaway Software.

    I will be getting involved this year, but I have been playing catch up on things already this year since returning from my vacation in January. On top of that I broke my hand which hasn’t helped!

    Any advice you can offer Jeremy would be greatly appreciated ;)

    I wish you every success with your first Giveaway Event, but by the sounds of it you don’t need it!

    Take care, catch up again real soon…

    Ian :)
    Ian Ieba recently posted..Video Challenge! You Are Invited – You Dont Want To Miss This One!My Profile


    JeremyNo Gravatar Reply:

    Hey Ian,

    You are right about not needing luck in giveaway events like this since they are designed to put subscribers directly into your list automatically. There is some work involved to get it set up initially. You need a squeeze page, a product to give away, and some OTO’s (one time offers). If you are not familiar with how to set these things up, the sponsors of these events are usually willing to help you out. If not, I can assist you as I just learned these things not too long ago myself.

    They are free to join, at least the one’s I’ve been involved in are. You will be given an offer to upgrade and pay for better exposure and to be able to add more gifts. If it’s your first event, I would suggest sticking with the free submit until you start to see some results. The last thing you need to be successful, is to promote the event and get some people on board.

    In order to keep your free product in the listings, you need to have at least one person signed up using your affiliate link as either a contributor or as a guest. This isn’t too hard, at first you may need to ask a friend to sign up since you may not have a list yet and it can be hard to get the word out.

    I was glad to be introduced to JV Giveaways and hope you give it a try. Like I said before, if you need any help, let me know. My personal contact e-mail is:

    Take care,



  3. Hi Jeremy,
    Well done with getting your list growing.

    If you’re like me, you will be checking your giveaway stats constantly :) and it’s especially good that you are enjoying it.

    Before you upgrade, make sure you have some good OTO’s, you are paying to list them so don’t miss out. Also, use the text ads as well.

    I look forward to seeing you in more giveaways,

    Barry Ranns recently posted..So What’s All The Hype About Giveaways? Part 2My Profile


  4. Hey Barry,

    Yeah, I can’t stop thinking about it and have my e-mail account attached to my phone so I can check it constantly while on the go. =)

    You’re right about upgrading. It can really be worth it, but you need to be prepared.

    I will definitely be seeing you in more giveaways… =)

    Take care,

    Jeremy recently posted..Writers Block? – Outsource your content for as little as $2 per article!My Profile


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