Kudani Review – My Review Of The Automated Content Marketing System

Kudani: Bridging the Gap between Driving Traffic and Generating Quality Content

Creating engaging content for your web site or page is most difficult now more than ever. People are increasingly becoming more exposed and dependent on digital technology, and the competition knows it. This is why thousands of businesses and pages compete for the attention of your target market. This has led to your target audience having a short attention span mainly due to the massive amount of interesting content online. Moreover, it has now become very difficult for you to drive traffic to your site and sustain this traffic.

To deal with this problem, online marketers have come up with a host of solutions. Some, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), are more popular than others. But is SEO enough, considering how search engine algorithms are evolving?

The biggest challenge for the online marketer today is being able to keep up with the search engines like Google – to be able to create and produce genuinely engaging content that your audience can truly relate to. And the future of that challenge lies in Content Marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the future of effective online content.

Previous methods like SEO are, to some extent, somewhat manipulative, and your audience knows it. Content marketing, on the other hand, focuses on creating genuine content, commensurate to the expectations of your audience.

Industry leaders like SEOMoz are quickly picking up the trend and shifting to content marketing as a strategy. To understand it better, you can think of content marketing as the bigger umbrella over other methods like SEO – taking the best components of online marketing methods and integrating them into one program or framework. The pioneering platform for content marketing is the software Kudani.

What is Kudani?

Kudani is a computer software application dedicated to content marketing which runs on various operating systems like Windows or Mac. Created by Paul Clifford, the same creator of Curator, Kudani has been designed to help online marketers, bloggers, online entrepreneurs and basically anyone in need of tools to drive online traffic. It is a sophisticated platform that integrates known online marketing methods, and more.

Kudani helps you research, publish and promote engaging content that can intrigue and entice site visitors, helping your site traffic to skyrocket. The software also integrates more specialized functions like an infographic generator. Kudani allows users to easily create content that drives traffic, authority and rankings in an ethical, white hat way.

Kudani is a software that, for the first time, bridges the gap between increasing online traffic and genuine audience engagement. With Kudani, there is no longer a need to manipulate the form of your online content to get token site visits.

Why Use Kudani?

It was never the goal of online marketing as a practice to drive site traffic for the sake of it. The goal and ideal has always been to generate genuine engagement with a product or service site, and the target audience.

Unfortunately, the nature of many online marketing tools have created a gap between that goal and the reality, resulting to a less effective strategy and a less enriching experience for audiences. The solution to driving free traffic to your sites in 2013 is here with Kudani, and it is available to you for a limited time.

Click Here to learn more about how automated content marketing with Kudani can bring you more targeted visitors and more sales.


Google Slapped? SEO for 2012

SEO strategiesIf you found yourself falling from page one or two to who knows where over the past couple of months, then you may have been Google Slapped by the most recent update called “Penguin”. I’m not sure why they decided to make their updates sound cute and cuddly because they are not! They are viscous and can cause your site to lose rankings in a blink of an eye, even when you are doing everything right, or at least think you are….

Now, since that update, many smart people have started researching, studying, and testing to see what exactly Google wants from us. The results?

As for backlinking, I wrote an article on the research I found, you can read it here: http://jeremy-ruggles.com/back-linking/bare-naked-backlinking/

But there is more to it… There are concerns as to what Google is looking for with SEO since it seems like they are placing more importance on the content of your site, which can be a good thing…..


What is good SEO? What does it look like?

How is it different than what everyone was doing before this most recent Google Penguin update?

The best resource I have found is here>>> Leopard Seal SEO

All the research and testing that has been done has been converted in an easy to use PDF. This user manual will guide you through the Google maze and help you slap Google back.

I know that I felt pretty lost in the Google maze up until I got a hold of this manual. I had a pretty good handle on new backlinking practices, but that was only half the battle, so I discovered.

If you rely on your site being found in Google and other search engines…   Don’t worry…  Don’t stress…  Don’t freak out or go crazy!! Please…. Just do something about it!


Please share your experiences with getting Google slapped below…

Each of us has a different story to tell about trying to get our site found in the search engines…

I  would love to hear yours!!

Bare Naked Backlinking

Backlinking is a common practice to increase your sites page rank and is most commonly used for niche marketing. Niche marketing, if you are not familiar, is where you target a specific topic and find a handful of target keywords, after doing a little research, in which to try to rank your site on the first page of Google and other search engines.

What Backlinking Was

As of the beginning of 2012, good backlinking for high Google rankings was getting as many backlinks from as many different sources as possible and using your keywords in the anchor text. What this did was tell Google what your site was about and which keywords to rank your site for.

This backlinking method worked very well…. almost too well…

You could literally create or even pay someone to create a ton of backlinks with a single keyword in the anchor text and you site would be ranked well for that search term as long as it had more backlinks than competing sites.

In an effort to cut back on spam and people’s ability to manipulate search engine results, Google made some changes to their algorithm.

Best Baklinking Practices Today

For this discussion I am going to focus on Google since Google is the #1 search engine…

Google recently released an update called the Penguin update.

In this update, Google placed more importance on the content on your site and less on the backlinks pointing to it.

Backlniks Are Still Important

But, those who used backlinking services were greatly penalized as well as those who had mostly or all backlinks with keywords as their anchor text.

So, if you had sites that dropped in ranking suddenly, don’t freak out… like I did… :)

Instead, give Google what they want….

What Does Google Want?

Google likes to see good quality content for one.

Content that is relevant to your niche and that it not stuffed with keywords. It is good to have keywords constantly throughout your site, but your content should be readable.

As for backlinks… Google likes to see naked backlinks to your site more than it does keyword rich links.

What Is A Naked Backlink?

http://jeremy-ruggles.com <– This is a naked backlink…

It’s simple…

It’s plain….

It’s Google friendly….


Much research has already been conducted and shows that if you have about a 70 – 30 mix of naked links to keyword anchor text links, your site will fare best. This means about 70% of your backlinking should be naked backlinks…. The other 30% should be a mix of various keywords and related terms of phrases…

Please do not use the exact same word or phrase over and over… This looks very unnatural in Googles eyes and will be a waste of time and effort..


Like I mentioned earlier….

I did have a couple sites that fell off of page one all of a sudden…

I did freak out a little…

But, I learned why and can now work on improving my rankings once again… :)


Did you suffer any noticeable drop in rankings since this recent update?

What kind of backlinking practices have you used up until now?


Say NO to 404 Error Pages!

Customize your 404 error pageHow frustrating is it when you click on a link and are directed to an ERROR page?

How often do you think that people clicking on links to your site are experiencing that very thing when they are directed to your site or blog?

There’s really no way to know how much traffic you are missing out on from broken links, mis-typed URL’s, etc.


There is a way to eliminate 100% of dreaded SITE NOT FOUND from coming up from incorrect extensions of your domain name. What I mean is…. if you were to type: jeremy-ruggles.com/homepage, you would normally get an error page because that extension of my domain name does not exist!

But, I have made an adjustment to my 404 error page display so that no matter what you type after http://jeremy-ruggles.com/, you will get a valid page on my site.


There are 2 ways to do this….

The first on which is my FAVORITE! :)

I love to do thing myself, so I made a video showing how you can make your 404 error pages SPIFFY!


The second way is to use a simple 404 error page Word Press plugin:

Customize your 404 error page

Either way you decide to go, it is a good idea to make sure that every single person trying to access your blog is able to do so.


You are losing out on a lot of potential readers, subscribers, and money.


What Should You Put In Place Of An Error Page?

Your options are limitless!

If you have an affiliate offer or a sales page, this could be a great place to put it for all to see.


You could place a favorite blog post, free gift, or a cool video here.

Whatever you choose, you cannot really lose… anything is better than seeing PAGE NOT FOUND…

Besides, if you change your mind later, you can always change it.


Hope this helps!

~Jeremy Ruggles


P.S. I love hearing from you! Do me a favor and leave a comment… :)


How many of you have already made your 404 error page spiffy?

What page to you use in place of PAGE NOT FOUND?

Did you even know you could change this error page?


Dot Com Secrets X Review- My Results

DCSXAs you may know, I joined Dot Com Secrets X 30 Day Challenge about 60 days ago. I joined by donating $1 to charity and decided to see what it was all about.

This update is long overdue…

So, at the end of my 30 days, I had put in a decent amount of effort, but still feel like I could have done a lot more to take action.

The truth is… I’m lazy…

It’s a combination of laziness and distractions from my kids, wife, phone calls, appointments, moving into a new place, etc….

It can seem overwhelming and you can get behind… I did and I set a side a day alone to catch up on the training…. not suggested (It’s best to keep up in the first place), but sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way…. lol

Still, using the training I received I made over $150 during that 30 days which justified me continuing on with month 2 of Russel Brunson’s training. Just so you know… month 2 costs $97… I decided that if I made at least $100 in me first 30 days, that I would continue on, and I did… So, I did continue… :)


Month 2 With DCSX

Now, I am completing month two of the training and I feel like I have learned a years worth of internet marketing information and I am applying it.

I have heard amazing results from people who have made hundreds, and even thousands of dollars at this point in the game… I have not hit that point yet…. I am still struggling with time management and organization…

I feel like my house is too small, I can’t get away from distractions…. my wife needs me, my kids need me…. I get over whelmed, but I accept it…. It’s life, and life is not always easy…..

Even though I am still falling behind on the training, I can go back and access anything I missed at any time….

Month 2 results—> over $200 profit

So, I am ahead still, and I can see my business growing! I have applied what I learned at Dot Com Secrets X to my new and already existing internet marketing efforts.


My Future in Internet Marketing

As I move forward with Dot Com Secrets X, I am continuing to learn and to build my business…. I still have many barriers to overcome such as organization and time management.

But, if I can manage to do this, I don’t see why you cannot succeed as well.

I understand that I do not know your exact situation… Everyone faces hard times… Everyone struggles

If you are stuck or just need to find good internet marketing training that can help you start making money within the next 30 days, Dot Com Secrets X can  be the answer you are looking for.


No Hype… No False Promises… No Financial Investment ($1 donation to charity)…

Russell Brunson gives you real, daily, actionable steps to follow and explains how he build a multi million dollar business using the same techniques.

As a BONUS…. He routinely hosts webinars where you can ask him questions and get answers if you are stuck on anything.


Check it out here:

Dot Com Secrets X 30 Day Challenge


Good luck and I hope to see you succeed!

~Jeremy Ruggles


P.S. If you joined Dot Com Secrets X, leave a comment and let us know how you are doing!

How Do You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? – I’m Half Way To My $1,000 Mark, Almost

Make Money onlineA question I asked about 3 years ago: “How do you make money online?” A general question, yes… and I struggled to find an answer that really helped me to understand what steps I needed to follow to make some money online.

I was introduced to affiliate marketing as a great way to start making money online…. Still, it was a struggle… I saw some sales here and there, but I averaged about $1/hr, if that, for the time I was putting in…

I turned a corner in my online business recently when I really started connecting with like minded individuals… People like you and I who wish to succeed and make money online.

How did I do this?? It’s simple, really…. once you know what you are doing…


Here’s what you can do to get connected….

Visit other people’s blogs.

When you find something you can relate to, something you know about, or maybe something you benefited from…. leave a comment… Make sure it is a meaningful comment related to the post.

Bookmark the blogs you like and revisit them regularly…

You will accomplish a couple things…

First, it will get you a link back to your blog for others to follow…

Next, as you visit more, the blog owner will start to get to know you more and visit your blog more which can result in a world of opportunities including: guest post options, interviews, Twitter shares, Facebook mentions, etc.

This action alone , Blog Hopping, can open up a lot of opportunity for you to learn and to expand your horizons…


Other things you can do to connect with bloggers…

Be active on Twitter, Facebook, Linked IN, and any other social networks you belong to. I don’t mean that you should spend hours there, but it is good to share your content, other content you find useful, and actaully participate in discussions.

This will also have similar effects as Blog Hopping… you will see people begin to follow you more and check out your blog.


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

No matter what you are doing… never be afraid to ask questions when you have one… most people would be happy to help you out…

Also, if you have something to add, don’t be afraid to speak up and help someone else out… they will appreciate you for it…


OK… Now, this post wasn’t intended to be about social networking…. but, it is important to keep in mind…


I really got serious about my online business here at the beginning of the year…. I created a blog, I began meeting people, connecting with people and learning….. More importantly, I began applying what I had learned….

As a result, I made my first clickbank paycheck. (The link is to the blog post about my first Clickbank check.)

I had accomplished one goal and now onto my next goal… Making my first $1,000 online…

I’m not there yet, but I have made my second paycheck with affiliate marketing via Clickbank… Here it is:

make money online with affiliate marketing

Not very impressive, I know… But to me and to someone just starting out…. This is a great feeling… I am starting to succeed!

>>> I am posting this to inspire anyone who is stuck… who has ever thought about giving up…. who feels like they don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to get started……

Here Is Where I learned How To Make Money Online

These sales came from 3 sources, all affiliate products on Clickbank and here are the resources I learned from (besides the blog owners I met who were a great help.. :) )

Wealthy Affiliate - Open Education Project – 10 day free training

Dot Com Secrets X - 30 Day Free Internet Marketing Training

I attribute my success to these two training programs, as all income earned thus far on Clickbank was do to what I learned from them.

I appreciate everyone’s support… If you have any questions, or suggestions, please leave your comment below..

Thank you,

~Jeremy Ruggles

My First Guest Post – Check It Out

OK… So, I just joined the guest blogging contest over at blog engage and my very first guest post is now live.

You can check it out here:
Don’t Let Google Updates Get You Down Here’s How To Recover After The Penguin Update

Please read my article and leave me a comment to let me know what you think about it. If you like it, please Tweet it, FB Like it, +1 it, Pin it, Share it, etc.

Hey, you never know… You might even learn something from the article that I put quite a bit of work into… :)

Guest blogging is a great opportunity to get more readers to your blog and to get a little extra Google love from the incoming link from high quality content relevant to your niche. I encourage you to join me… Not only in this contest, but guest blogging in general.

Sorry to make this post so short…. Sometimes short and sweet is the way to go. :)


Talk soon,

~Jeremy Ruggles

P.S. That URL to the my guest blog post is:


Get More Traffic, Make Some Money With The Guest Blogging Contest – You Are Invited!!

Have you ever thought of guest posting? Do you know what guest blogging is? Jut in case you don’t, I’ll explain…

It’s pretty simple really. You basically create blog posts relevant to your niche and place them on other peoples blogs.


Why would you want to do that (guest blog)?

A couple reasons really…. Guest blogging is a great way to drive more traffic to your blog and can give you permanent backlinks to your site which can help you rank higher in Google.

It is a really great opportunity to introduce readers of other blogs to your content by providing them a sample. It could easily cause them to want to come by and visit….. and, who knows, you could have a new regular…


So, where do you guest blog?

How do you find someone willing to let you do this?

First of all…. leave me a comment if you are interested in guest posting here… I love the idea… you are adding content to my site and you are driving traffic to yours…. its a win win.

You can always ask the authors of blogs you visit… they may be up for the idea.


The best place to guest post right now….

Is at blog engage since they are running a guest blogging contest right now where they are giving away $500 just for guest posting on their blog.

At blog engage you can learn a lot about how to get the most out of guest posts as well as connect with other bloggers.

It’s a unique opportunity to take your blog to the next level and it is not time consuming at all….

Believe me when I say that I do understand that time is valuable…. time is short…. we never seem to have enough of it… :)

I joined the contest today, and will be posting on the blog engage blog tonight…

I’ll let you know when my post is live so you can check it out and tell me what you think….

This will be my very first guest post… So, I am excited and hope to see you there!


Leave me a comment if you are interested in guest posting here on my blog.


If you have any questions…


Have a great Day!!

~Jeremy Ruggles



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My First Click Bank Payday – And A Valuable Lesson Learned

I have been working hard since the beginning of the year to really build my online business. After all, there is a lot to learn and it can get a bit overwhelming at times.

I have several projects going on and I really have not had much, if any, success with them so far.

Well, I checked my Clickbank account recently, and guess what??


I made enough money and met the criteria to receive my first PAY DAY from Clickbank!!

I’m super excited!! It’s not very much money, but to me, it represents overcoming an obstacle that I’ve been stuck behind for too long…

Here’s a screen shot… I want to show off my first check… :)


Make money online with affiliate marketing

If you’re not sure what Clickbank is, check them out at clickbank.com. They are basically an affiliate promotion site where people who have products and services go to find others to promote them and are willing to pay out up to a 75% commission. I use Clickbank as an affiliate and promote products for commissions. Clickbank is 100% free to join.

Affiliate marketing is one great way to make money online with minimal investment of time or money.


I have often heard people say how lazy they are and yet they managed to make $10,000 a month online only working 5 hours a week.

That’s all great, and I AM LAZY!

AND… I have worked MORE than 5 hours a week!!

AND… I have just made my first $144 paycheck!!

SO… HOW do you make so much money online only working 5 hours a week?!?!

THE ANSWER…. Either, they have the money to outsource everything, meaning that they can pay someone to write their content, build their backlinks, etc…

OR… they have the training and knowledge required to know exactly what to do

OR… they have a personal coach…

I have had NONE of those…. HOW about YOU?!

HOWEVER… If you do stick to ONE project and learn as much about it as you can as you go, you can make money online with it… probably faster than I did since I am guilty of not finishing what I start.

SOON ENOUGH… You may be able to say that you can work only 5-10 hours a week and make a full time income.

BUT… That is a goal to set for yourself that can be attained as you grow your business and learn about online business.


What I have learned about making money online with affiliate marketing


This is the first step… the accomplishment of my first goal…. to make my first $100 online…. next goal… my first $1,000

So, Now that I have finally made my first paycheck… obviously not enough to quit my day job… BUT, enough to give me the motivation to know that I CAN DO IT… and enough to make my wife have some faith that what I have been working and telling her so much about will actually pay off…. :)

What I have learned about making money online is that it takes dedication!

It takes focus!

You have to finish what you start!

I got wrapped up in so many different “make money online” strategies, that whenever I started a project and didn’t see instant results, I quickly got distracted by something else and started a new project thinking I would go back to the previous one later.

Whatever you do…. DON’T do that!

You can easily waste 2 years doing nothing and making nothing!


As my momma always told me…


Finish what you start!

It sounds simple enough… and it can be…. but I do understand that there are sooooo many people telling you that THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

Once you realize that there are literally thousands of ways to make money online, you will soon see that you can take full advantage many of them, BUT…. you must start with one.

I started 2012 with the mindset that I was going to succeed, that I was going to make money online and build my business.


Here are some of the Internet Marketing resources I have used so far this year:

Dot Com Secrets X – Free 30 Day training – One on one daily video training

Wealthy Affiliate – Free 10 Day training starting May 1st – Daily video training, Forum, and Internet marketing community


So, have you made your first $100 online? $1,000? I’d love to hear about it…

Are you stuck? Not sure where to start? Leave a comment and I’ll point you in the right direction.


Best of luck to you,

~Jeremy Ruggles

Free Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Training with Wealthy Affiliate

internet marketing universityI just learned that my favorite internet marketing training group, Wealthy Affiliate,  is offering their services free for 10 days with no credit card required… just sign in using your Facebook username and password.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you are stuck, or are seeking real one on one training to start making money online, this is a great opportunity to check out an awesome internet marketing community for free.


The free trial of Wealthy Affiliate begins on May 1st

The purpose of the free run is to let you see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and what they have to offer. It’s a unique opportunity to try before you buy.


The reason I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the best internet marketing training community on the internet is…

That they are real people who treat each person as a real person and are willing to help you out with any issue you are having to make sure you never get stuck.

Besides the actual training and tools available, there is a community of people who can connect via a forum, or a live chat on the home page  (similar to Skype). Most of the people there are very helpful and all have similar goals as you.

You really can learn a lot and fast without having to worry about information overload because you can go at your own pace and if you get stuck, just ask for help… simple as that.

They’ve been around since 2005 and have been actively training internet marketers since.

Wealthy Affiliate is:

A community of internet marketers from new to very experienced

Available live 24/7 to help you with anything online

Very knowledgeable in affiliate marketing, article marketing, driving traffic, squeeze pages, sales pages, SEO, social media, etc…..

Willing to work with you one on one

Updating their strategies to stay on top of what is working the best right now

Always coming up with new ideas and strategies

Giving you ALL the tools you need at no cost including keyword research tools and free hosting

Designed to help you make your first $1,000 per month and continue growing your business


Wealthy Affiliate is NOT:

Just a bunch of pre-created content

Going to give you automated responses (You will be able to speak to a live person always!)

A Blogging community (although they will help you with any blogging questions you may have)

Going to leave you stuck (All you have to do is ask!)


Here is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate offers:

    • Success in 30 Days Club (BONUS!!)
    • Traffic Explosion (BONUS!!)
    • 24-Hour Live Chat (Instant)
    • One-on-one Private Coaching & Support
    • Live Video Training
    • Training Tutorials & Courses
    • Web Site Installations
    • Web Space
    • Step-by-Step Getting Started Course
    • Monthly Keyword Searches
    • Community & Forum Access
    • Google Website Competition Tool
    • Competitor Spy Tool
    • Keyword List Builder
    • Link Cloaking & Analytics Tool
    • Blogging Tools
    • Website Builder
    • 24/7 Access
    • Daily Training Updates
    • Access to Training Clubs


Why is Wealthy Affiliate offering a free trial?

A couple reasons:

The first of which may be obvious…. They want you to see how great their internet marketing and affiliate marketing training and services are in hopes that you will want to pay full price ($47) to become a member.

Secondly, they are releasing a new platform that is supposed to make their entire training system even better and are introducing it by giving people a sneak peak into what they have.


I am a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community myself and love what they offer.



I would be happy to offer my personal support on top of the training they offer if you decide to try them out for 10 days.


So, if you are new to internet or are making some money, but would like to be making more, I encourage you to check out the free trial of Wealthy Affiliate  and tell me what you think.


Talk to you soon!

~Jeremy Ruggles


Affiliate marketing training